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Rental Property Walk-Through Checklist

October 8, 2014

Are you in the midst of searching for your first rental property? You’ve done the researh and have narrowed it down to a few places you’re interested in. The descriptions look great, it fits your needs, and the photos look great, but you want to check it out for yourself to be sure. It’s a good idea to do so, no matter how great the house looks online, seeing for yourself is the one push […]

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Secure Your Property From Hurricanes

August 26, 2014

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June to November, with the peak season from mid-August to late October, and although Florida is in the middle of a more mild hurricane season this year, it can never hurt to refresh on tips to maintain and prepare for whatever the weather holds in the future. If you have just recently moved to the Cocoa Beach area here’s a list of things you can do (according to […]

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Invest in the Pros of Property Management!

May 30, 2014

Are you not sure what to do with that second property of yours? Have you thought about investing in it, but are not sure how to approach the complicated world of real estate? We understand, and we’re here to help! Property Management Pros in Cocoa Beach can turn your second property into a second income for you! We specialize in the management and rental of nicer, single family homes in the Cocoa Beach area. We […]

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Prepare for the Leasing Season with Property Management Pros

April 23, 2014

Preparing your properties for leasing season? Do you need help preparing your properties? Call Property Management Pros! May is just around the corner, and it’s the month that marks the beginning of the leasing season. It’s the time of year property managers need to put their best foot forward and to prepare for the increase of traffic through their vacancies. There are tons of things a property manager can do to entice new and current […]

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Get the Rental Home you Deserve!

February 19, 2014

Do you know what rental you’re getting yourself into? Think of the last interview you went on. Were you eager to display all your weaknesses, and call out all the ways you fall short? Did you bring up all the times in life that you failed, hit the struggle bus, or weren’t doing so hot? Of course not! Just like when real estate agents show you a property, they want to show it to you […]

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We Have Your Dream Home in Cocoa Beach!

January 21, 2014

So you’re considering a move to Cocoa Beach. You’re already off to an excellent start in finding your dream home … It’s one of the most relaxing places in the country, with a laid back atmosphere and a calming breeze that soothes your soul. Excellent choice. You’ll also find there’s never a shortage of things to do… The climate is perfectly inviting for any adventure – not too hot, not too cold, and it’s also […]

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Turn Your Cocoa Beach Home into a Rental Property!

September 23, 2013

Turn Your Cocoa Beach Home into Rental Property! By: Property Management Pros Are you moving out of your Cocoa Beach Home? Let Property Management Pros help you turn your home into a rental property! With the recent revelation from Market Watch that vacation homes in Florida rank #1 on the top ten list of best places to buy a vacation home, you will find that renting your Cocoa Beach home is a great opportunity! The […]

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Cocoa Beach, a Nature Lover’s Dream Home!

August 20, 2013

Cocoa Beach, a Nature Lover’s Dream Home! By: Property Management Pros Calling all nature lovers! Find your dream home here in Cocoa Beach: a nature lover’s paradise! Due to its exceptional amalgamation of climates, the Cocoa Beach parks are filled with an impressive amount of natural resources. The lagoons, beaches, and nature parks are bursting with a plethora of exotic plants and wildlife, over 50 rare or endangered species of animals included, making it one […]

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Live an Enriched and Stress-Free Life in Cocoa Beach!

August 6, 2013

Live an Enriched and Stress-Free Life in Cocoa Beach! By: Property Management Pros Discover the perks of being a Cocoa Beach homeowner today! When you buy or rent a home in Cocoa Beach, Florida, you will soon experience the health benefits that living near the ocean has to offer! Spend time at the beach whenever you can. Splashing ocean waves create a pleasing sound that coaxes your brain into a calm and peaceful state, renewing […]

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Completely at Home in Cocoa Beach!

July 26, 2013

Completely at Home in Cocoa Beach! By: Property Management Pros From the stunning views of the sunrise over the ocean waters, to the variety of animal and plant life, to the vitality and enthusiasm of the beach scene, there is nothing not to love about Cocoa Beach Florida! Cocoa Beach residents enjoy spending their time embarking on a journey to the Kennedy Space Center, being mesmerized by the Astronaut Memorial Planetarium & Observatory, spending the […]

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